No Glory: The Real History of the First World War


Neil Faulkner

Paperback    9780992716608


Far from being a “war to end all wars” or a “victory for democracy”, the First World War was a military disaster and a human catastrophe, a war driven by big powers’ competition for influence around the globe.

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No Glory: The Real History of the First World War is a 36-page pamphlet by historian Neil Faulkner which looks at the real reasons for the outbreak of the war. This pamphlet is part of No Glory in War, a national campaign of political, cultural, and educational activities that opposes ‘nationalist’ interpretations of the First World War, and aims to promote international solidarity and peace.


Published by Stop the War Coalition.






Poetic Foreword – Last Post by Carol Ann Duffy


The First World War today
Their history and ours
How it started
Could it have been stopped?
Were the generals to blame?
How it ended
A peace to end all peace
A century of war (and counting)
Open letter



Dr. Neil Faulkner is a leading First World War archaeologist and a research fellow at Bristol University. He co-directs field projects in Britain, Jordan, and Slovenia. He works as a lecturer, writer, editor, and occasional broadcaster.



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Neil Faulkner

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